Recording Facilities

Live room:

Our main live room is a light room with high ceiling, treated acoustics and a calming atmosphere. The room is 90m2 (340m3) and has a reverberation time of 0,62 seconds. The room has an open and natural sound and is large enough to record several musicians simultaneously. A movable diffuser wall and several movable dampening walls are available to alter the acoustics or provide some separation between instruments.

Dry Room:

The dry room has dampened acoustics and is an ideal space for drier drum or vocal recordings. The room is 20m2 and is perfect for separating loud instruments that one does not wish to bleed into other microphones in the live room. The dry room has a window for visual contact with the live room.

Iso Booth A:

Iso Booth A is 8m2 and has dry acoustics and a large glass door into the live room. This gives a clear visual contact both with the live room and the dry room.

Iso Booth B:

Iso Booth B is 4m2 and is perfect for tucking away a guitar or bass amplifier to isolate loud recordings. There is no visual contact with the other rooms.

Other Facilities:

Øra Studio also offers a lounge area where artists can relax and a large balcony to enjoy fresh air and the harbour view.



Control Room

The control room is spacious with treated acoustics for accurate monitoring and has large windows for visual contact with the live room. The centerpiece is a large analog Neve console with a ProTools HDX rigg and 48 channels I/O. A wide range of analog signal processing is also available for further processing.




  • Neve VR 60 Legend


  • Mac Pro

  • ProTools 11 HDX

  • Lynx Aurora 16 (x3)

  • Apogee Big Ben

Monitors / Foldback

  • Focal Twin6 Be

  • Focal Cms-40

  • Genelec 8030

  • Genelec 1030

  • Furman HRM 16 Headphone system

  • Furman HRM 16 Mixer (x6)

  • Behringer Powerplay

  • Behringer powerplay mixer (x3)



  • Great River MP-2NV

  • Avedis MA5 (x2)

  • Api 3124+ (x2)

  • Millennia  HV-3D (x2)

  • Sytek MPX-4A (x2)

  • UA 6176 (x2)


  • Psidex audio lab PEQ-1 (x2)

  • Urei 1176 Blackface

  • Urei 1178 Stereo

  • Urei LA4 (x2)

  • Tube-tech LCA 2B

  • Tube-tech CL 1B

  • TK Audio Bc1

  • UBK Fatso

  • Neve 33609/c


  • Space-Echo RE-201 (x2)

  • Yamaha analog delay E1010

  • Ibanez Anaog delay AD202


  • Waves, Altiverb, Lexicon, Massy, DMG, Fabfilter




  • Akg 414 (x3)

  • Akg C451 (x2)

  • Akg C547

  • Akg D12E

  • Audio Technica AT 4033 (x2)

  • Bang & Olufsen BM-5

  • Beesneez Arabella

  • Beesneez Lulu Fet (x2)

  • Beyer Dynamic M160 (x2)

  • Blue Microphones the ball

  • Brauner Vma

  • Cm audio 3 (x2)

  • Crowley and Tripp, Naked eye Roswellite (x2)

  • Dpa 4090 (x2)

  • Dpa 4091 (x2)

  • Dpa 4006 (x2)

  • Electro Voice Ds 35 (x3)

  • Microtech Gefell Um70 (x4)

  • Neumann U87 1970 (x2)

  • NEUMANN KM84 (X2)

  • Oktava Mk-012 (x2)

  • Royer r-121 (x3)

  • Sennheiser Md421 (x4)

  • Sennheiser e902 (x2)

  • Sennheiser MKH 800-P48 (x2)

  • schoeps cmc6 mk2 (x2)

  • Schoeps Cmc6 Mk4 (x4)

  • Shure sm7B

  • Shure sm57 (x5)

  • Shure sm 58 (x2)

  • Shure Beta 52 (x2)

  • Sm audio mc 02 (x2)

  • Telefunken M82





  • Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

  • Petrof Upright Piano

  • Isachsen & Renbjør pump organ

  • Wurlitzer 140B

  • Fender Rhodes Mark II

  • Hohner Clavinet D6

  • Viggen electrical organ

  • Phillips Phillicorda

  • Oberheim OB-8

  • Roland Juno-106

  • Yamaha DX-7

  • Yamaha RX-11



  • Fender Mustang

  • Fender Telecaster Thinline

  • Fender Stratocaster

  • Danelectro 59

  • Danelectro Hodad (high strung)

  • Jolana Iris

  • Eastwood tenor

  • Squire VI

  • Gibson J-40

  • Sigma 12 string

  • Ayers (high strung)

  • Hagström

  • Ukulele

  • Gibson EB-0/ EB-3

  • Plenty of effect pedals



  • Fender Bassman 100 w / 2x15 kab

  • Fender Tremolux

  • FENDER princeton reverb

  • Fender Twin Reverb

  • Vox AC30

  • Matchless Lightning ‘15

  • Koch Multitone

  • HH transistor

  • Hagström Bass 210

  • Danelectro Nifty-Fifty

  • Marshall 4x12 kab

  • Leslie with preamp



  • 60's Slingerland 20”, 16”, 12” 14” (snare)

  • 80's Yamaha Recording 20”, 14”, 12”, 10”

  • Several snares and plenty of hardware



Strawberry Studio

Strawberry Studio is part of Øra Studio and is located at Nøysomheten Gård in Øysand, about a 15 minute drive from Trondheim. The studio is located in an old farm house and provides two small live rooms, a professionally treated control room,  and a ProTools HD rig. This idyllic place is perfect for recording overdubs or smaller ensembles who wish to work in the calm surroundings of the countryside. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about the studio and it’s possibilities.