Jovan Pavlovic Trio feat. MiNensemble


Jovan Pavlovic Trio released their debut album March 3. 2017. Listen to the album in the Soundcloud-link above.

The album is a collaboration with MiN-ensembles eight accomplished musicians and was recorded «live» in northern Norway the spring of 2016. “Refleks” consist of seven new pieces composed by Pavlovic himself, and the concert feeling makes the music even more exciting. Together with the acknowledged and experienced Helge Norbakken on drums and Gjermund Silset on double bass who both plays with their very personal playing, they are the Jovan Pavlovic Trio.

The collaboraon offers fantastic instrumentalists, impulses from several parts of the world, virtuous musicianship and ferocious improvisations. The music is composed and arranged by Pavlovic specically for this ensemble. This results in rhythmic playfulness focusing on improvisation and impulses borrowed from classical tone, jazz and Balkan music.

Pavlovic has through several years specialized in traditional and romani music from Balkan and continues the tradition with his own innovative compositions. He has, after 22 years in Norway, established himself as one of Norway’s dominant musicians within his genre. This has made him acknowledged as a composer and arranger for both the concert and theater scene.

Jovan Pavlovic - accordion
Gjermund Silset - upright bass
Helge Andreas Norbakken - drums
Øyvind Nussle - violin
Tor Johan Bøen - violin
Lazar Miletic - viola
Hans Urban Andersson - cello
Ole Kristoffersen - clarinet
Jasmina Zivic - flute
André Roligheten - clarinet and bass clarinet
James Lassen - bassoon 


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ØRA FONOGRAM, no. 116 (March.03.2017)