Øra's main focus is on new Norwegian music within the genres of jazz, singer-songwriter, pop music, music for children and contemporary music. We wish to work with artists who aim for high quality in their work. Published recordings from Øra Fonogram are intended to contribute meaningful cultural expressions in a time when the role of music is becoming marginalized and stigmatized. For six consecutive years the studio has been producing and recording albums nominated to and awarded Spellemannprisen, the Norwegian Grammy award.



The Øra record label is one of the fastest growing underground labels in Scandinavia and is consistently attracting new bands and solo artists from all across Norway and within several different genres.

The label’s recording studio in Trondheim has a retro and genuine feel good factor that makes artist feel at home and free to release their talent and creativity under the professional care of the studio technicians and producers.


The word 'Øra' alludes to the movement of sand and gravel down a river. When the river meets the sea, new land is formed. This newness, created by the movement towards something unknown and greater, is at the heart of the basic idea behind Øra Fonogram and Øra Studio. However, ‘øra’ also means the ears in Norwegian. So in other words, the brand has a double meaning as we both use our ears to the max to make and produce good sounds for the listeners.

Øra is a label that really defines and represents the Scandinavian sound of new music.